About Us

Axiom is established in September 2012, Corresponding to smart manufacturing , Axiom solutions offers different types of innovative automated SPM’s including Assembly line, Machining SPM, Air and water leak Testing , cycle testing SPM, Conveyor & hydraulic operated casting flash trimming spm etc.

Our current clients include majorly from Automobile industries and home appliances We focus to meet customer requirement with good faith, superior Quality, reasonable price and after sales support.

Axiom possesses a unique expertise to provide end to end solution of in the state of art technology by delivering the highest standard of professional services. We are continuously setting standard in technology, service and support. Our team of professional has all the requisite expertise to conduct research on the emerging trends happing in the industry.

Axiom solutions Design and Manufacture the SPM’s with outstanding quality, so the performance is under customer’s control. Our products are target on middle to high end markets. To have more customer ‘s satisfactions is our continuous goal.

Why Choose Us


We provide first class customer service in order to distinguish themselves from the frequently global and cheaper competition.


Our engineers have versatile expertise. Their growth rate will differ by the industries that employ them.


All pneumatic tools on the work site must be maintained in good condition. Monitor the workplace to ensure employees safety in manufacturing.


For a business to become sustainable, it needs to focus on long-term strategies for making a positive impact on those categories.


We deliver quality, play fair with our clients and offer transparency on top of that, people will keep knocking at our door.


Always treat every customer interaction as an opportunity to monitor and build customer relationship. Frequent communication with customers aids in identifying and fixing problem areas.

Great Managment

Our good organizational management believes in equipping our employees with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to grow and maintain success for the business.


We innovate by introducing new technology, techniques or working practices perhaps using better processes to give a more consistent quality of product.

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