Assembly tables are part of the basic equipment of every workshop and will appeal to every craftsman. Our individually designed and height-adjustable or inclinable work and assembly tables are stable and safe. They consist of robust base frames and follow you – thanks to lockable rollers – into every corner of your workshop.

Our worktables offer support surfaces for workpieces of up to 500 kg in weight. For mounting, they can be brought quickly and safely to the appropriate height and inclination: electrically, hydraulically or by means of a hand crank. The basis of the work tables with multifunctional perforated plates are our extremely robust scissor lift tables.

Our organizer desks meet all the requirements for a tidy and ergonomic workplace. The feet are also height adjustable, the plate is generous and offers the possibility to clamp workpieces. On the back wall of the workbench there are shelves and storage space as well as a clipboard for plans. Of course, there are plenty of mounting options for extensions of the workbench for assembly purposes, including electricity and extraction systems.

Products Key Features

  • Robust Design.
  • Vibrations, noise under limit.
  • Best Aesthetic look.
  • Electrical panel with proper wiring and routing and exhaust fan.
  • Use of reliable standard items.
  • Maintenance & Operator friendly.
  • Easy quick change provisions for set-up change.
  • Smooth functioning.
  • Safety features to avoid accidents.
  • Operation interlocks to avoid producing wrong component.
  • Lowest cycle time.


Name Data Range Dimension Value Capacity
Low Pressure 34 35 02x34" 543.04 40k
Medium Pressure 74 57 03x54" 343.84 46k
High Pressure 24 98 06x87" 743.34 23Hz

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